Backstage pt. 2 (Gleaming The Cube)


Most of my last year has been spent doing the Final World Tour with Yellowcard, which didn't allow me time to work on much else. But at last, the Warped Tour 2016 gallery is here! When we did the Vans Warped Tour last summer, I knew it would be our last time ever so I wanted to really make the most of it. Having done the tour five previous times, I am very familiar with all aspects of it, so I decided to make my photography goal for the summer to capture the "essence of the tour" - whatever that may be. This gallery is the result of that goal: a collection that contains crowd/festival photos, backstage photos, and live photos of members of some of your favorite bands, who were all kind enough to let me shoot their sets and stoked to be part of this. To me, the collection portrays just what I was hoping it would: the essence of Warped Tour. It contains significantly more photos than my other galleries because I felt it was necessary to include a lot of content so as to more accurately paint a better picture of the tour. Please write me on Twitter and let me know your thoughts. Enjoy!

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